Wifi Iphone calling: how to make a wifi call?

The wifi calling iphone function allows Apple smartphone users to use a wifi network to make and receive calls. This is quite useful when you are in an area with low coverage or not covered by a mobile network. So, wherever you are in metropolitan zone, you will benefit from this Iphone wifi calling feature.

In this article you will discover how to make a wifi call on Iphone.

Resources needed for an wifi calling iphone.

To use the wifi calling iphone service, you must of course have an Iphone. The basic model being the Iphone 5c; or any other model superior to this one. In addition, your mobile operator must support the wifi call feature. You must also be in the coverage area of a wifi or hotspot terminal.

PS: it should be noted that if you leave the wifi coverage area during a call, the call will be interrupted all at once. However, it can switch automatically without interruption if you have 4G coverage.

Wifi call: Advantages and disadvantages.

You probably suspected it! As all things wifi calls also have negative and positive points.

The positive points of the wifi calling iphone.

On Iphone, you benefit from the following advantages with the wifi functionality:
An automatic and efficient continuity of your calls. So you can phone, go from the outside to the inside of a building and then to the basement, through the elevator all without interruption.
Optimized coverage; in areas not covered by your mobile operator, you only need to have access to a wifi connection.
Very easy to use: this configuration does not change your mobile’s operating habits. This way, you can continue to make calls and exchange SMS messages as usual.

Negative points of the wifi calling iphone.

The free functionality, but not the service. Indeed, although the wifi call feature is natively installed on compatible mobiles, the service remains paid for, if you leave the wifi network during a call and the 4G network is unavailable, the communication will be interrupted. services such as the Multi-SIM Calls; Internet option, twin card and personalized tones (Fun Tones) are not compatible with the wifi calling iphone.

Wifi iphone call: first activation.

If your mobile phone is compatible, the first thing to do would be to have a plan available from your phone company.

Then you must activate the wifi call feature on your Iphone. To do this, follow the procedure below.

  1. Connect to the wifi network and pass the authentication.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. Then select Phone.
  4. Then click on Wifi calls.
  5. Now activate the Wifi Call feature by dragging the cursor to the right.

In the window that appears on the screen, click on activate


After this step, your smartphone is ready to make a wifi call. The “wifi” indication is displayed after the operator’s name.

How to make or receive a wifi call?

Once the configuration of the wifi call is effective on your smartphone and you have subscribed to a compatible package, everything else is automatic. All you have to do is dial a contact and make your calls as you have always done. Switching between ordinary calls and wifi calls is automatic.

How to disable the wifi calling iphone feature?

The deactivation procedure is not so different from the activation procedure.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Connection.
  3. Then click on Wifi calls.
  4. This time drag the cursor to the left.
  5. Finally, in the shortcuts, drag the screen down and select Wifi calls.


Conclusion on the Iphone wifi call.

This feature is a strong feature for these times when ordinary calls are being overtaken by internet calls. Indeed, wifi telephoning is ideal when you are on holiday or on the move.

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