WiFi that no longer works: What to do when you no longer have a connection?

We’ve all talked about it before: a WiFi connection that usually crashes at the best time when you watch a film streaming on emule island, or when you play your favorite game Fortnite? Or wifi doesn’t work anymore when you get up one morning, and you don’t know why? What to do in such a case? Call the hotline or Buy a new access point?

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Why is it crashing?

Momentary failure of the access point, the bug
The most common thing, everything works fine, you’re following a streaming movie and then all of a sudden without warning, the load slider turns the image freezes and you know it’s the end.

And yet, at home your PC connected by Ethernet cable to your box works very well! This is most likely a temporary defect in the wifi card in your box, or in your wifi access point. That is, only the wifi is crashed and everything else is ok.

“Have you tried turning it off and on again? ” (Understand who can, but this series is excellent). In short, restart your box or your wifi terminal following my instructions to make sure it resets properly.

Too much heat, a bug in the device’s firmware, a bad day… The computer, sometimes it crashes (and the reasons for the problem can be varied)! If it’s only an anecdote, restart the device and stay there, otherwise you’ll have to look a little further….

Pure and simple failure of the access point, the failure

There things are a little different, your wifi frequently crashes several times a day, and only a restart of the access point temporarily solves the problem.

Log in to the administration interface of your box or access point, and check for any updates. If there is one, do it immediately. If the problem is not solved, it’s bad luck.

Look for logic in these cuts. Do they always arrive at the same time? By always doing the same task? 

Following the same event? If so, you will find where it comes from, a microwave that is turned on every day at the same time, a virus, a drop in electrical voltage, anything is possible! Yes, yes you read correctly: a microwave can cause your WiFi connection to fail, and they are very often responsible for interference on home networks and the reason because they transmit on the same 2.4 gHz frequency as WiFi.

If there is no logic and these interruptions (only be careful with wifi, you still have internet on devices connected by cables) continue, your box or access point probably has a problem.

Contact your ISP (who will take you on a half-hour boat ride), or the brand of your router to see if the problem is known and if there is a solution, if not, you should consider changing the box or router.

Operator failure, no more Internet

It is ALWAYS necessary to check, whether or not you have access to the Internet on another device in your network using another connection mode. That is to say that if you no longer have a connection on your smartphone (wifi), you must check that your PC (connected in Ethernet) has Internet. If this is not the case, you simply no longer have access to the Internet. Your wifi works, but your box no longer has access to the Internet network.

What could it be from? If you have paid your invoice, then either your ISP has a failure and you have to wait for it to be fixed or the box has a bug and you have to try to restart it.

Bug in the device.

What if your wifi router (or box) was working, but it was your smartphone that was crashed?

Always also try to restart the device on which you are experiencing the connection problem. It’s not long to do and it solves a lot of problems like that.

Stupid question

Stupid question, have you tried another website or service? Just because your YouTube video no longer works doesn’t mean you no longer have wifi on your phone!

Try opening a browser page, and typing anything in the search bar, to make sure you are interested in the device in question. “Test, car, house, yellow, Poland, why don’t I have wifi anymore? “whatever the search, if you get a feedback with a Google answer it’s because your wifi works, but the service you were using has problems. Yes, even websites can crash and if the problem does not come from your side it is most likely that it is the server of the site that is inaccessible.

To verify this hypothesis, you can go to the downdetector site, and indicate the address of the site or service that is causing a problem, the site will tell you if other users have reported the same concern.

Wiring your network

If you can’t solve your problems with my advice above, you should check your wiring. Maybe something disconnected? The RJ45 cable from the wifi router, the box, the power cable? Checking the cables is free of charge and at least you eliminate a simple failure before you look like an idiot to your operator’s customer service.

Other alternatives.

Temporary breakdowns are numerous, we do not necessarily realize it, but the diffusion of the Internet is a complex thing that involves many actors and a lot of equipment. Maybe the cables in your repeater are oxidized? Maybe a network equipment on the other side of the country is down?

Often, on your ISP’s website a list of known failures is available. It may be worth it, if you have another way to access the Internet (4G phone for example) to take a look at it.

In any case, keep in mind that even though the Internet is now an integral part of our daily lives, we have long lived without it. So there are other ways to deal with it, pending repair. Take a book, call a friend, make a board game, but don’t forget to come back and see us when your wifi works again!

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