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Antivirus for Mac : Do I need an antivirus for my Mac?

Although security on Mac is more effective than on windows; Maccooks still need an antivirus for mac because they are not safe from malware, spam, viruses, hacking, vacuuming… and many other types of computer threats.

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By default (without antivirus for Mac), a macbook is more secure than a Windows Computer against computer threats (threat of any kind).

In general, Macs are less likely to be targeted by computer attacks and threats for two main reasons:

Indeed OS X, is based on a Unix structure and thus integrates a certain number of security functions; that is why it is said to be better protected than Windows.

In addition, the OS X market is smaller than the Windows market. Thus, He is less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals.

Still, we should not understand that just because computer threats are less recurrent on Macbooks than Mac computer users do not have to worry about them.

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We find on Mac almost all the types of manaces indexed to this day; And notably the most widespread  are:

Types of viruses and  on mac computers.

MALWARE: Malware is the contraction of the English terms malicious and software. It refers to malware attacking computers, mobile devices and connected objects.

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COMPUTER VIRUS: Viruses are malware that infect executables. A virus inserts a piece of code into the executable file that at runtime will load the malware into memory.

COMPUTER WORM: These are malicious programs that can spread themselves from one computer to another.

SPYWARE: Spyware or Trojan Horse software is malicious software hidden in software presented as holy.

KEYLOGGER: keystroke loggers that are used to retrieve passwords. A keylogger can be either software (programs running on the operating system) or hardware keyloggers (devices that are connected to a keyboard).

ROOTKIT: Rootkits is malware known for its ability to hide itself in the system.

ROGUES OR SCAREWARES: this one can be seen as the predecessor of Ransomware.

BACKDOOR OR BACKDOOR: backdoor are back doors that allow you to control a computer or system.

RANSOMWARES: Computer threats are computer threats that take the computer or documents hostage and ask to pay a sum of money to recover access to them.

BROWSER HIJACKER: In order to impose a search engine on the start page and search engine by default, hacking of web browsers is done by malware that modifies the settings of web browsers.

PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs): are potentially undesirable programs.

So now that you are sure that computer threats are indeed present on Mac OS, how can you protect yourself against all these computer threats?

How to get the best virus protection for mac?

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In order to better protect against these computer threats, it is advisable to use anti-virus protection for mac.

I suspect you already know that! So I remind you it’s just for the fact that although it’s obvious to use an entivirus to protect against computer threats and attacks, choosing the antivirus solution for Mac or even Windows is not so simplistic.

Because to choose the ideal antivirus there are a few security and environmental settings that you will need to consider only, in order to choose the best antivirus for Mac.

For this reason we have designed for you a complete set of antivirus security software. This list represents our top list of the best antivirus products for Mac.

You will easily find the perfect security software to be on your Mac depending on your needs, its utility and the threats you think you are exposed to.

This list is really not an official ranking, but nevertheless they are based on pobular trends, feedback from users of these antivurus for Mac and finally the answer of many online antivirus comparisons and especially the laboratories computer security specialist.

Mac security: The top 10 antivirus software for mac

The security software on this list is the one that has a good return in performance quality among all the security software for mac tested.

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Avira Antivirus for Mac | the best virus protection for mac.

Avira is generally the best in its category (antivirus for mac), and it is free! The tool is already well known to Windows PC users, and provides your computer with protection against Spyware, Malware, viruses and intercept suspicious traffic. It is very regularly updated.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac | free antivirus for mac

According to the IT security company “AV Comparatives”, this software detects and removes 100% of threats, including eventual adware, while having a minimal impact than the others on the performance of the device in which it is used.

Antivirus software for mac | Norton Security for Mac

The Norton Security Suite allows you to protect up to five different devices, which can combine Mac, PC, Android and IOS. Thus, it protects against malware, as well as Phishing sites. The protection of all your devices is managed via an intuitive and very easy to use web portal.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac | Full Mac security

In line with its reputation, Kaspersky antivirus for mac offers a set of highly effective, cloud-based features: Parental Control, secure online shopping, privacy and identity theft protection and many other security tools. Kaspersky detects 100% of viruses and its overall impact on the system is most honourable.

Avast Mac Security | Word popular antivirus for mac

The world’s most popular antivirus software is also available on Mac. In addition to the basic functions expected of an antivirus software, this security software offers very interesting features such as scanning email attachments, scanning scripts automatically loaded by web pages. And also a very convenient drag and drop function to analyze a particular file.

Sophos Antivirus | The first mac antivirus

Sophos is the very first antivirus for Mac and therefore the founder of cybersecurity on Mac. But despite this experience and the database of virus definitions very regularly updated in addition to features close to the competition, this antivirus seems, according to several sources, not very effective in some situations. Because it would not have detected all malware during several security tests.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle | Those who do not remove malware on Mac.

Is a computer security tool that provides a complete security suite for personal and professional use. It includes many features: antivirus and network protection, automatic scans and updates, parental control, automatic backup functionality. 
But it should be noted that this is directly sanctioned by a drop in performance in terms of speed.

McAfee | A true antivirus software for mac

He is one of the leaders in Internet security. Its flagship product, McAfee LiveSafe, is a complete security suite that provides users with complete protection for all their laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. A LiveSafe license whit antivirus for mac covers an unlimited number of devices, making it particularly convenient for users who want to protect multiple computers and devices. Although, its virus detection rate is 95.2%.

The publisher of this security software also seems to be redoubling its efforts to limit the impact of its antivirus software on the battery as much as possible, as well as on the overall performance of the Computers. Similarly, we should note that this one also works on Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch, the only real downside is that it does not protect against Phishing.

F-Secure | Easy pack antivirus for mac.

this sécurity suite offers a range of products that cover all security threats, including identity theft, mobile security, Internet security and virus and hacking security.

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