HOTSPOT : How to get wifi free anywhere on Iphone, Android and Laptop ?

As you probably know, you are not alone in looking for a way to get a free wifi access. On the web, many people spend hours on websites searching, how to get a free Wi-Fi connection anytime and anywhere.

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Why connect to the Internet using a public wifi network ?

there are many reasons why you can search for free Internet access via wifi hotspot. For example, you are on the move and you will want to log in to update your status on your favorite social media websites.

how to get free wifi anywhere ?

Would you like to connect to the Internet for free through a wifi? There are solutions to do this and therefore a connection from a free WiFi hotspot. But then, to be able to access the Internet in this way, you must be close to an access point.
But how do you know if a free wifi network is within your reach? For this reason, several methods are at your disposal to find the free wifi access points that are available to you.
Already as there are many ways to find a free wifi and connect to this free Wi-Fi, we will also see what you really have to expect because free wifi and public wifi networks are dangerous. To do this, we must ensure that your security is optimal before joining any free or public wifi.

Warning of risk !

As we have already mentioned, the areas of free wifi  or public wifi are called Hot-spot. Although finding a free wifi hotspot is very easy, it is more difficult to find a legal and secure free wifi connection.

So to access the Internet free of charge and securely using wifi hotspot, we must be as careful as possible.

Why you should beware of wifi hotspot ?

wifi hotspot or public wifi, is a network of Internet connection sharing by wifi hotspot  open to all those who want to connect to the Internet. So as its name suggests, it can be used by anyone; and are most appreciated by unhealthy individuals who would seek to steal your private data.

The risks of public wifi

For those who may not know, when you connect to the free or public wireless network, you risk being hacked at any time! In you must always think about your personal data.

  • The honeypot: which is one of the most widespread forms of attack, is a false wifi access point deployed by a spy (malicious person).

  • Sniffing: probably the most widespread method. This type of attack consists in intercepting the data passing between you (who are connected to the public wifi) and the router.

  • Identity theft: here, the hacker uses a methodology similar to sniffing to retrieve your cookies from connections to a third party site so that he can pretend to be you and connect for you.

How to protect this data on a wifi hotspot?

Now that we know the risks and dangers of public wifi, let’s see how to connect to free wifi safely.

For this reason, we only need to follow the few safety instructions below:

  • Confirm the authenticity of wifi
For that, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is ask an employee if the open wifi is really the one of the structure.

  • Do not access private data (if so use a VPN)
Every time you make an online transaction on a public wifi, you expose your sensitive data to hackers.

  • Disable sharing before you connect to a public wifi, the first thing you need to think about is to disable the sharing option by going to the Control Panel of your device.

  • Use an SSL connection (network encryption) Consider adding a level of encryption to your communications by enabling the “Always use HTTPS” option on all websites.

  • Using VPN is by far the easiest way to fully secure your Internet connection. The VPN ensures guaranteed confidentiality on all your devices (computers, smartphones and tablets), by making your connection unreadable and unreadable by hackers. 

How to find a public wifi or a free wifi wherever we are?

The first solution to find a free WiFi hotspot is relatively simple and obvious

  • By reflex you have to try the usual procedure.  
Enable the wireless network search on your device and check if wireless networks are available.
This will automatically detect all nearby WiFi networks. The disadvantage is that only wireless internet access within reach of your mobile is indicated.

  • Locate free WiFi hotspots with Facebook
To do this you must use one of the facebook features that allows you to view the free wifi networks that surround you from your smartphone.  Simply open the Facebook application on your device and press the “More” menu. Now find and open the “Find WiFi”!

  • Use the WiFi Map application (map for wifi hotspot)
This wonderful crowdsourced application lists a huge database of more than 100 million wifi connections around the world.
Each access point is accompanied by additional information provided by these users, including the free wifi passwords connection code (if required) and comments.

  • Free area
Free Zone is also an great tool to automatically scan wifi hotspot that is available near you. The application has more than 5 million public wifi in its database and if you are near a hotspot that corresponds to a connection in its database, a quick notification will appear on your device.

  • Instabridge App
Still in the same run as WiFi Map, the Instabridge application offers you a similar experience but with a more modest database.

Conclusion (for use wifi hotspot securely) 

Be careful when using public wifi.  You must always take the safety measures described above.  But make sure to disable file sharing, be careful who tries to look at your data and avoid accessing programs that require passwords while you are in a crowded place.
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