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This guide introduces you to a selection of the best free Android antivirus software. Something to choose from if you want to protect your smartphone with one of these tools. Before going any further, keep in mind that antivirus software is not essential on a smartphone, especially if you use it with a few basic security measures in mind.

Android antivirus

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus is a computer program (whether on a computer, mobile device, etc.) that is developed to provide real-time protection for the system. Its main role is to be able to detect all potential dangers, propose solutions to eradicate them or monitor suspicious behaviour of the system and the files stored on it to protect you from any security risk. Now, let’s discover some of the best antivirus software on the market.

The best free antivirus software on Android

This selection that we have tested cannot of course be exhaustive, but offers a good overview of the antivirus offer. These applications have been chosen for their interface, their efficiency, and the fact that they provide free of charge the basic functionalities that can be expected from a worthy antivirus. But don’t forget, the best antivirus is still you and your caution!

360 Security.

It is also one of the best Android antivirus. It is currently used on more than 200 million android smartphones worldwide. In addition to offering all the necessary security for a mobile phone, this android antivirus offers you many other features.

First, it is a RAM booster, so it will kill unnecessary applications in the background. It also offers a new intelligent battery saving feature to help you monitor the most energy-intensive applications and conserve your battery.

Secondly, its main advantage is its lightness, in fact, you will only need less than 1 MB to store the application, it is the lightest antivirus of all Android security applications for Android phone. After installation
 of this best antivirus for Android, which is almost insignificant for your storage space, you will find yourself faced with a very simple interface that goes to the heart of the matter with an Android security module.

  • Quick scan.
  • Complete and personalized
  • The SpIDer Guard
  • The statistics of your android mobile.

I’m not going to go back to its android security module (scan) which works the same way as all other android security applications. The SpIDer Guard is the android security monitor that monitors your device in real time to intervene at any time in case of detection of potential threats.  It is devilishly effective and formidable. A persistent notification will then appear for faster access to Android security apps.

Avast for antivirus 

We find the security application developed by Avast for antivirus protection in mobile version that is intended to be effective. An even more complete menu is available for this mobile version of avast. Whether it’s virus scanning, simply blocking applications or protecting your privacy, everything seems to be present in this version for android.

In addition, the application offers a firewall to manage the traffic (Wi-Fi, and data) of your applications as you wish. A task that might seem difficult for those who would like to manually configure each application. The “Privacy” tab allows you to collect a lot of information about your phone and in particular your mobile operator.

  • The parameters allow, among other things
  • Update the Avast database
  • Block the application with a PIN code

Dr.Web Security

Dr.Web, an Android security application that is not only an excellent antivirus software, but also integrates a very large number of features. So, we have:

  • A powerful antispam.
  • An accelerated scanning system.
  • Internet security for Android (Internet access control).
  • An anti-theft device (for cases of loss or theft).
  • Finally, a complete firewall makes Dr.Web another better Android antivirus application.

But as I was saying, beyond its advantages, this antivirus has a big disadvantage.

Indeed, although you can download this free Android phone security application, it is far from complete. You probably remember the presence of the word Light in the title. To unlock the full functionality of Android phone security applications, you will have to pay €58.13 for the best Android security application ever.

Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky is one of the pillars of PC antivirus software and has necessarily become a must on smartphones. Its application security applications for Android phone is very well thought out and it also allows some features that we welcome.

  • The location of the smartphone.
  • Blocking calls from unwanted numbers.
  • Blocking unwanted numbers.
  • Protects your Android Wear watch.

It’s true that you can never be too careful! In any case Kaspersky antivirus brings all its expertise on Android security and then you have to admit that the application is quite nice for an antivirus.

AVG antivirus android

AVG is an antivirus already well known on PC and is also doing quite well on mobile devices. The main menu is also simple and very quickly accessible. The “Analyze” button at the bottom will have made it possible to scan the phone and even detect 4 threats!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that Lookout didn’t do his job properly. Simply that the detected threats are as follows:

The AVG Antivirus security app for Android offers to check the performance of its device, in particular the battery status, temperature and health. In addition, it even offers the possibility of defining an energy saving mode.

Finally, the application offers everything you need for scanning files.
real-time protection when you surf the Internet
the analysis of your SMS messages
Options to protect your applications
Call blocking.

In short, AVG for android, for which we have not much to blame, although it is a little too extensive and perhaps a little too strict in its analyses.

Macaffe antivirus android

Another IT security leader has been added to the list. McAfee antivirus is known to many Windows users. The publisher provides a security application that improves the performance and security of Android smartphones, as explained by the publisher in his fact sheet on the Play Store. McAfee is one of the security applications that offers an all-in-one solution.
Thus we will find in this android security application some very useful features for the protection of user data.

Anti-spyware antivirus

This antivirus prevents thieves from accessing your personal data
Remote data erasure: erases selected data or restores factory settings with your anti-theft functions
Backup of SMS, contacts and data recovery.
Locate, track and alarm: find your phone, locate it on a map, trigger an audible alarm or get step-by-step help to retrieve it.
Anti-theft protection against uninstallation: prevent a thief from uninstalling your application.

  • Manage your mobile security antivirus app remotely via the web portal @ or via SMS from any mobile phone or tablet
  • Pair your Android Wear, S.O.S.
  • Application protection
  • identify apps that put your personal data at risk
  • Call blocking and SMS filtering

Norton Antivirus and Security

Now it’s time to apply Symantec: Norton Antivirus. Although the free version will not be as effective, the company has done the right thing to encourage consumers to subscribe. However, for your use, you can be satisfied with the free antivirus that I detail here.

Like Avira, it will only fulfil its primary function, which is to protect your personal data from viruses. You can then scan your system for threats.Nevertheless, the latest versions of this android security application have made up for the mistakes of the past. As a result, Norton remains an undisputed reference in the field of IT security. And prove it perfectly with its mobile security applications.

You can upgrade the Norton application to take advantage of free options provided by the other solutions presented earlier in this post.  The difference will still be felt with the expertise of IT security specialists who will provide the necessary tools to make your android smartphone a real safe that is practically impassable for viruses.

In any case, the free version of this android antivirus is all you need to ensure optimal protection and free of charge.

Security Master – Antivirus & AppLock, Booster

CM Security is the android antivirus developed by Cheetah Mobile, a specialist in mobile security. This latest addition, is one of the best android antivirus available at the moment. Because this application has indeed received 7 times the Oscar for the best antivirus in the world.

Although it does not come from a very large antivirus company like those mentioned above (Symantec, Avast…), Security Master does its job properly. In addition, this security application is much more than an antivirus. In addition to protecting you from viruses through full scans, it also integrates:

  • A call blocker
  • An application lock
  • A performance booster
  • A cleaner of unwanted files 
  • A safe on the cloud.

Contrary to what can be seen in the field, CM Security has a very simple interface that will not confuse you with unnecessary components. When it is launched, a huge SCAN button shows you the way and a side menu will show you all the security features. This is partly what explains the lightness of the application (8 MB), it is one of the lightest.

In addition, the security of your phone will be ensured in real time.  Because this android security application leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Continuous scanning of the phone
  • Scanning the SD card
  • Your internet browsing is also controlled
  • Protection against malicious sites (very effective).

The speed is also there; the complete scan is very, very fast (a few seconds, even minutes at max). She accumulates glossy points giving a score of 4.7/5 on the PlayStore.  It is the antivirus application with the highest score of our selection.

In addition, with its set of very useful features, lightweight, with a total of 8 MB and free of charge, for an application without advertising, registration or subscription.

Sophos best antivirus android 2018

The android antivirus application Sophos Mobile Security won the AV Test award for best antivirus protection in 2015 and 2016. This is free and contains no advertising. As protection, the application blocks unwanted websites that may be dangerous for users. All applications are scanned for malicious content.

  • Web filtering
  • Blocking websites with malicious, unwanted or illegal content.
  • Apps protection
  • Password protection for apps
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Check your connection for interception attacks
  • List of apps accessing personal data
  • List of apps that may incur costs.
  • Security Advisor
  • Tips to optimize the safety of your device.
  • Protection against unwanted calls

Avira – Free Antivirus

Avira, much appreciated by these PCs for its formidable efficiency, speed and low resource consumption, which is pleasantly found on Android. This security application adopts a very simplified interface that goes to the heart of the matter.

The analysis performed covers all the files stored on the internal memory and the micro SD card. For the rest, we find:

  • An anti-theft device to locate your lost or stolen Android device
  • Options to lock it remotely
  • The ability to remotely delete the data stored on it.
  • Block unwanted contacts.

In somes, it is a free android antivirus that is quite discreet on your system. With Avira commea Antivirus on your Android device to protect you from viruses, you’ll have everything you need to stop worrying about losing your data or being a victim of malware.

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